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5 Things To Consider When Buying Medical Apparel

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Remember the last time you bought stylish medical apparel online that is gentle on the skin and gives you the freedom to move all day comfortably? Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure 99% of you just answered no.

A seemingly perfect set of scrubs for doctors or nurses can turn into the perfect disappointment the moment they are delivered to your doorstep. In simple terms, finding the right scrubs online can be frustrating.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend your next shift tugging at the sleeves of your scrubs or dealing with headaches because your scrub hat is too tight. The best part? You won’t have to compromise on style either. So, keep scrolling to discover what you should keep in mind before buying medical apparel online.


What To Look At Before You Buy Medical Apparel Online


Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or student, you will probably spend your entire shift wearing medical scrubs. Therefore, you must be comfortable enough to perform your best without worrying about your medical scrubs, scrub hats, or compression socks restricting your movement.

That’s where fit and sizing come in. Before you buy medical apparel online, it is worth taking a look at the sizing chart to ensure that you buy scrubs or scrub hats that are the right fit for your body type. Bonus tip? Suppose you are a little heavier on the top or bottom. In that case, you can buy your medical scrub tops and bottoms in different sizes for a comfortable fit!



How durable is the medical apparel you are about to purchase? Is it breathable? How does it feel on the skin?

Compromising quality can do more harm than good, especially considering that you will spend a greater part of your day wearing your medical scrubs. So, when you buy scrubs online, keep the material in mind. Choosing materials such as spun fabric or poly spandex blended with lycra is an excellent choice.

However, thanks to emerging fabric technology, you can now get your hands on breathable scrubs for doctors or nurses that lock the sweat and odor in. The scrubs will be gentle on the skin, keeping you at peak performance all day. They also survive several wash cycles and dry quickly and wrinkle-free, making them suitable for daily wear.



While medical apparel does not have to look boring, you must remember that at the end of the day, everything you do is directed at better health outcomes. How you dress should give your patients confidence in your capabilities. In addition, if you work with children, vibrant patterns can spark conversation and make it easier to connect with them.

Bright colors tend to radiate warmth; as such, a sense of safety arises, making your patients feel comfortable enough to open up to you. At the same time, bright colors are prone to stains, and if you work in a high spillage environment, it would be better to opt for darker colors to disguise stains.

What about the neckline? As long as your scrubs are a comfortable fit, there is nothing wrong with buying scrubs with different necklines.

Ultimately, whatever style you choose, ensure that it aligns with your employer’s dressing protocol.



Owning quality medical apparel is great, but it does not have to come at the cost of an arm and a leg. However, that does not mean you should reach out for the cheapest scrubs for nurses or doctors you find on the internet.

So, when buying medical scrubs online, you should strike the perfect balance between cost and durability. Remember, investing in scrubs that last is cheaper than buying cheap ones that need to be replaced more frequently. 



As a medical professional, you are always on the go, and pockets are a great way to keep the equipment and essentials you need on you at all times. For example, if your side pockets are big enough, you can fit in our foldable aluminum clipboard and still have space for a stethoscope and your phone. Chest pockets also come in handy, especially for men. However, loading them with too many things may put your neck in distress.

Make sure the scrub caps are adjustable or having some level of flexibility so that you don’t have to worry about squeezing your head in every time you wear it.



Side slits or vents are a great way of increasing ventilation and comfort while making it easier to access your pockets. However, if you are taller or your medical scrub pants are not high enough, part of your waist may be exposed. If you are on the shorter side, you might want to avoid long sleeves as they overlap your hands and make working difficult.

Another factor to consider is whether you should opt for buttons or drawstring medical scrub pants to keep them from sliding down, especially when you bend down. Drawstring medical scrub pants will offer you more freedom when choosing the right fit. However, buttons give a sleeker, more polished look. You don’t have to worry about your drawstrings getting in the way or loosening.


The Takeaway?

While there are many things to consider when one wants to buy medical scrubs online, comfort tops our list as it directly affects how you will perform. However, it is also necessary to consider how functional your medical scrubs will be on the job and your employer’s policies on how you should dress.

With Kotyss, you can buy quality medical scrubs online at the most competitive rates without compromising on quality, style, and functionality. Our medical apparel online was designed to lock the sweat and odor in and move with you while giving you the breathability you need to maximize your comfort. It is also wrinkle-free, antimicrobial, and dries fast, making it the perfect closet essential for every medical professional, whether you are a nurse, student, or doctor. Ready to revolutionize the way you buy medical scrubs online? Click here to explore our collection! 



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