Types Of Accessories That Are Necessary For Nurses

Types Of Accessories That Are Necessary For Nurses

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Nursing is an important and no doubt one of the respected professions. Most nurses do not care for them as they are always busy treating the patients. They usually forget the essentials they must have. In this blog, we will tell you about the types of accessories that are necessary for nurses.

No matter if you are a new nurse in the profession or have done a second professional or into in this field for years. There are basic accessories that you must carry as a nurse. Below are the accessories that you must always have with yourself no matter what. They will always help you out when you are taking care of your patient.

The accessories every nurse must have are:

1.    Pens:

You must always have a pen with you. The best ones are the click pens. If you ask the nurses or caregivers about the best pen to use, they will always answer that click pens are best. What is the reason? The thing that is important is that they are the best alternative for the points or gel pens. They have caps, and you will require time to remove caps and note down details. Also, you may easily lose caps, and your pen will be of no use.

The click pens are the best to choose as they are easy to use, and they can also be attached alongside the clipboard.

2.    Pen Light:

Another accessory that every nurse must have is the Penlight. The pen lights are handy and can help you examine eyes, throats or other parts of the body. You can not only examine the body parts, but in case there is no light, you can use the Penlight to help the patient see in the dark. You will not need to turn on the lights and disturb others as a pen light works as a mini torch. The best part about them is that you can carry them as click pens and attach them with pockets.

3.    Masks and Gloves:

Sometimes there is a sudden emergency with patients with which you have to deal. Always keep one pair of gloves and a spare mask to assist your patient. Sometimes patients can feel nausea, or they start to bleed, or any other uncertain thing may happen. So, these are the essentials to carry.

4.    Nursing scissors:

Nursing scissors are not like those scissors that we use on a daily basis. They are the part of accessories for any nurse, and they are considered as vital equipment for nursing. These are used to cut through. They are used to cut the gown strings, tape, dress and gauze. They are the best and most versatile. Moreover, many nurses carry more than one pair of scissors for any emergency situation.

5.    Scrubs:

You must also take scrubs with you. Choose the good scrubs. The better a scrub is, the more comfortable you will feel. Try to choose those scrubs that are easy to move when you are reaching, bending or doing any other thing in your daily routine. As a professional, we suggest you to go for scrubs that are having big pockets. They will help you carry the nursing gear wherever you want to. Additionally, choose a fabric that is easy to clean and also breathable.

You can choose any style, any colour of the scrub you want to.

6.    Extra Shoes:

You must choose the best shoes that are comfortable for you. Plus, keep an extra pair of shoes with you so you can replace them if needed. No matter if you are giving home-based facility or in a hospital facility, make sure to choose the shoes that are comfortable. The more comfortable shoe is, the more chances are there that the pain will be reduced.

You must go for a comfortable sole and a pair with less heel. Additionally, focus on its material rather than the style. So, you will choose the perfect pair.

7.    Stethoscope:

A stethoscope is an ESSENTIAL accessory that you MUST HAVE with you. But there are many important points to know whenever you want to choose a perfect stethoscope. Always go for personal preference first. Then you must also check the durability and the performance of the stethoscope.

Try to look for a stethoscope that is made of materials having high-density. They can include titanium or stainless steel. Both these materials are perfect as they are best for conducting the sound.

You must also choose a stethoscope with durable and thick tubing. It will help in isolating the acoustics from any type of the external sounds. Additionally, they are best in insulating sound. You must also make sure that the tube is long enough. The other important thing in a stethoscope is ear tips. As you will need to wear them most of the time so, make sure that they can comfortably fit in the ear. Moreover, they are good at reducing any external sound.

8.    Drug guide:

The medical field is always changing from time to time. So, you must be aware of the changes that are taking place. Make sure to keep the latest drug guide and pharma with you. They will help you make the best decisions for your patient and take better care of them.

You can take the handy references of the common conditions and medicines with you. There are many doctors that will tell you medicines from time to time. So, make your personalized drug guide. It will help you a lot in emergency situations.

9.    Sanitiser and Moisturizer:

Personal care is also essential when taking care of patients. You must always keep moisturizer and a sanitiser with you. So you can know that you are important as well and you can take care of yourself.

Not only this but also keep essentials like napkins and water bottles with you. The napkins will help you in case of flu or cold. And water bottle will help you keep hydrated. So, make sure to take care of yourself in this way.

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