The days were long and exhausting as I saw my wife restart work after having our son amidst the covid-19 pandemic. My wife works as a nurse and has seen how COVID-19 has left its mark on our healthcare system. Masks were made mandatory for everyone and full garb PPE was a norm. My wife has always ordered from the same retailers with the same styles and that made me think what if she wears something different that can make her feel special? Then the ah-ha moment came! To make accessories that are fun, different comfortable, affordable and purposeful for her work life and maybe to all health care professionals. That day I started working with a designer to make my plans a reality! My wife was the tester! What better person to understand the necessities of #TheNurseLife than that of one that works as one on a daily basis and best of all she loved the products, and even got compliments at work!

So why not extend this feeling of bringing joy to other healthcare workers? Practicality and Fun that is the essence of Kotyss!

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